The 100 greatest players of all time

The players who missed out and why

With a long-list that ran to almost 1,000 and a so-called shortlist that approached 500, it is inevitable that some highly celebrated players were going to miss out on our list. Indeed, so tight were the margins that even the slightest tweak in the formula could have seen radical changes to the entrants. Below are the names of those who came closest. Although not all of the names afforded reasons were as high as some of those without, we anticipate that the popularity of specific players will demands responses in terms of omissions. For others, though, there was simply nothing to say other than the fact that there stellar careers missed out by the smallest of margins.

Players who missed out most narrowly

Gabriel Batistuta
Zgibniew Boniek
Andreas Brehme
Arsenio Erico
Gunnar Gren
Ghoerge Hagi
Uli Hoeness
Wolfgan Overath
Mario Kempes
Jurgen Klinsmann
Ronald Koeman
Hector Rial
Gianni Rivera
Alberto Spencer
Wesley Sneijder


Gabriel Batistuta
Why he missed out Only did so by a whisker because of the fact his goals never quite translated into true glory.

Jim Baxter
Why he missed out So gifted. But the elite stages of the game never got to really see it.

Dennis Bergkamp
Why he missed out A player blessed with the very best technique. Unfortunately, he only ever applied it in instalments at the top level. Beyond that supreme quarter-final against Argentina in 1998, his performances in the top international tournaments and Champions League were at best moderate when placed in the context of his exact qualities. As Johnny Rep argued, “he lacks the hardness to win. Bergkamp is a very big player but he doesn’t have the character in his body.”

Zgibniew Boniek
Why he missed out another player to miss out narrowly, his performances in the domestic Italian league only slightly costing him.

Eric Cantona
Why he missed out Undoubtedly transformed the history of Manchester United. But was unfortunate to never be able to bring his best form to Europe nor play at a more opportune time for the French national side. As such, only really enjoyed domestic success in a league that was one of Europe’s most mediocre at the time.

Duncan Edwards
Why he missed out Unfortunately, all of his wondrous ability can only leave us pondering what-ifs

Steven Gerrard
Why he missed out A player of top-class talents but not necessarily top-class positioning or team discipline. Throughout his career there seemed an eternal debate about where his best role was. Because of that, he only ever exerted maximum influence on the 2004-05 and 2008-09 seasons and never an international tournament.

Why he missed out the best player in the world between 2005 and 2007 but that period proved all too brief as injuries took their toll.

Denis Law
Why he missed out Injury robbed him of Manchester United’s crowning glory in 1968 and, like Kenny Dalglish, never fully applied his ability at the top international level.

Luigi Riva
Why he missed out Hugely productive but not quite prolific enough to match the very, very elite strikers.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Why he missed out highly likely to be in the top half of this list by the end of his career – or possibly the next year. But, as it stands, his exceptional abilities are offset by a selfishness that can prove a liability at the top level. It’s no coincidence that Alex Ferguson’s facilitation of that ego brought the only major trophies of his career.

Hugo Sanchez
Why he missed out Could never bring his club record to the international stage

Paul Scholes
Why he missed out Supremely consistent for Manchester United and occasionally supreme, he did suffer a prolonged dip relative to his abilities between 2003 and 2006 and – for a variety of reasons – never quite translated his true qualities to the international stage.

Andriy Shevchenko
Why he missed out Played in a Milan team that only won trophies intermittently and faded out too soon.

Wesley Sneijder
Why he missed out only belatedly and briefly applied his true ability at Inter having struggled to find proper accommodation at Real Madrid.

Why he missed out A sumptuous player. But decorated tournaments rather than actually decide them.

Sjaak Swaart
Why he missed out A victim of timing. Just missed out on his club and country’s glory years.

George Weah
Why he missed out A surprisingly underwhelming trophy cabinet for such overwhelming ability.

Other notable names on the fringes

Arthur Friedenreich
Rafael Moreno Aranzadi
Andrea Pirlo
Bruno Conti
Rui Costa
Miodrag Belodedici
Laurent Blanc
Oleg Blokhin
Alessandro Del Piero
Luis Del Sol
Didier Deschamps
Robert Prosinecki
Roberto Bettega
Kazimierz Deyna
Ryan Giggs
Piet Keizer
Rob Rensenbrink
Jari Litmanen
Abedi Pele
Teofilio Cubillas
Bryan Robson
Jimmy Greaves
Charlie Athersmith
Billy Liddell
Billy Meredith
Igor Belanov
Stankley Matthews
Gordon Banks
Claude Makelele
Pat Jennings
Ivan Curkovic
Adolfo Pedernera
Domenique Rocheteau
Paolo Rossi
Pepe Samitier
Graeme Souness
Bernd Schuster
Uwe Seeler
Lilian Thuram
Valery Voronin
Fritz Walter
Ricardo Zamora
Paul McGrath
Coen Moulijn
Allen Simonsen
John Giles
Kevin Keegan
Jose Zarraga
Phil Neal
Jean-Pierre Papin



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maramu 5 pts

This is a really interesting subject for every people in love with football especially the really sophisticated way ranking has been tackled here. Even I think this topic DOES need updating, I could even imagine others rankings related to players. I think something like geatest brazilians, english, italians, ... of all time, then it could be done clubs by clubs like best united, barcelona, real, milano ... players of all time and why not a ranking position by position.


I do hope this website will live !

maramu 5 pts

Please we really need update after last season. I can't see how c.ronaldo couldn't enter the list. Pirlo probably should also. Do you shcedule an update before the end of the year ?

snakehips 5 pts

I think that the way the players have been ranked has been far more sophisticated than most other

similar attempts - taking into account many variables - including those who had no real prospect of winning the world cup.

Real efforts have been made to justify inclusion players in the final XI team + the rankings of players,

which attempts to take away the subjective view which many will have (country team/they support).

Also the compilers give rationale for why certain players did not make the team or list.

In the course of this I have been educated/learnt new things.

A contributor has persuaded me about Carlos Alberto.I favoured Cafu.

I saw the latter in action in two world cups which Brazil won.He played superbly.

If the pre-match Ronaldo event/omission hadn't happened I think he would have won three.

But Carlos Alberto - despite only playing one game - the final - in one of the two world cups he won,

was probably the better player.I am willing to accept this now after considertion.

Also further research has changed other views on players.

My only doubt is still around Neeskens being so high in rankings + in the final XI team.

Again, saw him play.He was adaptable,highly skilled - a total football player.

But - on your point, given a choice,you would have had Gerrard,Keane,Souness or Bryan Robson

- if you were picking a central midfield player in preference + you wanted to win a game.

But on the whole, agree with most choices/rankings - particuarly Maradona as No.1.

Would be so interesting to see Alex Ferguson's top 100 + final team

( an honest one - with no politics).He was around to see most of those on the list.

Would ceratinly have to give it respect.

Bobby Charlton did one - best ever XI - which is worth a look at

+ Pele named his top players (100+) - but was criticised for potentially appeasing certain countries.

Interesting he did not even include Didi - a fellow Brazilian - seen by many as best midfielder ever.

After listening to views + research of my own, I would select the following:


My final team - with rest of squad would be:



                                   Ronaldo (Brazil)     Pele


           Best                 Didi                    Mattheus          Maradona


           Facchetti          Beckenbauer    Baresi              Carlos Alberto




G -   Buffon, Casillas.

FB-  Djalma Santos (RB), Nilton Santos (LB).

CD-  Moore  Sammer.

CM - Keane Zidane

F -    Cruyff Romario DiStefano Garrincha


Standby (7) - Banks (Gk) Puskas Eusebio Messi Gerrard Hansen Dalglish.


The debate goes on! :)



NicolajThiimSchmidt 5 pts

Ronaldinho is heavily underestimated.

JGG 5 pts

 snakehips I could easily have Nílton Santos over Facchetti. By any objective (and subjective) means, he is the greatest left-back ever with considerable ease.

snakehips 5 pts

Good point.I thought Dalglish was in best 100.But maybe wrong.

With Best, probably my favourite player of all time.

There was something magical about the way he played.

But that supporting striker role has so much competition.

Pele + many others (Ronaldo/Romario - Brazil + Muller - Germany + Rush! being out + out strikers).

So difficult to compare the decades - but the discussion is the enjoyable part.


bazzie 5 pts

Its difficult to say who the best player(s) of all time are. I prefer to view the history of football as (generations). Footballers of a decade would be more accurate. For instance the fitness level, training techniques and sports medicine are different today than to what they were 60 years ago. Footballs now are more like athletics, full time professionals with diets and training schedules. 

No giggs, gerrard, cantona, dalglish berkamp in the top 100 football players of all time makes this list laughable in any case. Weah and Best could never have won or even played in the world cup so the points system is not correct. 

JGG 5 pts

My all-time squad:



1) GK: Lev Yashin (Banks)

2) RWB: Carlos Alberto Torres (Djalma Santos)

3) CB: Franz Beckenbauer (Figueroa)

4) CB: Bobby Moore (Baresi)

6) LWB: Nílton Santos (Roberto Carlos)



5) DM: Lothar Matthäus (Rijkaard)

8) CM: Johan Cruijff (Didi / Zidane)

11) AM: Diego Maradona (Platini / Zico)



7) Di Stéfano (Garrincha)

10) Pelé (Best / Eusébio) 

9) ST: Ronaldo (Müller / Puskas / Van Basten / Romário)




                      BECKENBAUER                MOORE

 C.A.TORRES                                                         N. SANTOS




                       DI STÉFANO




maramu 5 pts

 JGG Whith such a roster, I think, when you loose the ball, you are in a bad shape

snakehips 5 pts

Noticed Paul Scholes' name cropping up quite regularly in these types of polls.

Great player that he was, find it difficult to see how he would even get into Man Utd's greatest team ever

- let alone a world's greatest ever team.

As a central midfield player - Keane,Robson,Stiles + Edwards were surely in a different league.

Occasional games left-sided midfield - but he comes up against Best + Giggs.

Right-sided midfield - Ronaldo + Beckham.

Many games as a forward (supporting forward - not striker - especially early on in career

- but Law,Charlton,Cantona,Rooney,Nistleroy + Sherringham would have to be the front-runners.

Apologies,Man U fans - great player - a player's player - but not one of the greatest ever.

snakehips 5 pts

Well on last night's form (Celtic 2 - Barcelona 1), looks like the world's best current team below may have lost (most Barcelona players). Genuinely well done, Celtic.Everyone likes a David v Goliath.


Messi not unstoppable/unplayable tonight, anyway - nor the rest of the crew.See Mascherano paying centre-back as used many times before - still think he is the best holding midfielder in the world.


Ps.getting back to world's best ever - see team below, Carlos Alberto definitely scored one of the best goals ever - but his international career was fairly brief - compated to the likes of Cafu + Thuram - who both were intrinsic players (right-backs) in their world cup wining teams - Brazil + France, respectively.

No figures to hand, but both either passed or were close to 100 caps.


Think that THAT goal + the 1970 Brazil best team ever general acceptance may have obscured the fact that other players/right backs/wingbacks were actually better players - brilliant though Carlos Alberto was. Just out of interest who was the left-back in the same Brazil 1970 team?

Get my point? Can't see him on anyone's list.Comments?

JGG 5 pts

 snakehips Hi, man. The LWBs on the Brazil 1970 squad were Marco Antônio and Everaldo. Both of them were considered one of the weak links on the team, together with Felix (GK) and Brito (CB).


Regarding CARLOS ALBERTO TORRES, he is widely regarded, together with DJALMA SANTOS, as the greatest RWB of all time. No contest there, my friend. Believe me, it's not just because he was in a great team that he deserves the title (as you can tell by the obscurity of the names I mentioned above).


C. ALBERTO TORRES was included on the FIFA World Team of the 20th Century and capped Brazil 53 times, scoring 8 goals.

DJALMA SANTOS made it onto the FIFA World Cup All Time Team, played in FOUR World Cups (winning two) and capped Brazil 98 times.


Both of them hold the title for greatest RWBs ever and were named so by several institutions. There's really no dispute there. They were an essential part of their squads.


In Brazil, CAFU is generally considered the third greatest RWB. As great as he was, he wasn't as complete as the other two and still ranks behind them.

snakehips 5 pts

 JGG Genuinely interesting + good point.But that poll was back in 1998, as I understand.Cafu achieved a great deal after that.142 caps altogther  - most capped Brazilian ever + 2 world cups + Euro Cup with Milan.

He played for Brazil almost three times as many games as Alberto.

Amazing resilience + endurance - quick, reliable + dynamic. 

So difficult to compare different players from different times.

Also The FIFA team (4-3-3), as you pointed out had two rightbacks + three attacking midfield players - Cruyff, DiStefano + Platini.

I was looking for a team which would 'work' - the best 'team'.

Hence the inclusion of two primarily defensive midfield players.

Whole of FIFA team for those interested:



Alberto Santos Beckenbauer Moore

Cruyff Di Stefano Platini

Guerrincha Pele Maradona.


More opinions needed - everyone had a valid one + it is always so interesting just to see what people think - as long as it is not a list of players from the last few years who come from the club they supported.There is some great knowledge out there.Go on - prove us all wrong!:)

JGG 5 pts

 snakehips Well, a lot of what I say is from what I've heard and researched. I never saw Djalma Santos and Carlos Alberto Torres play, although my grandfather did and he assures me that they were in a league of their own. I mean, anyone who can sustain their status for so many decades has to have been an exceptional player, right?


Anyway, I was talking more about what is general agreement in Brazil amongst football critics, journalists, historians and researches rather than what I think.


Regarding Cafu having more caps than the other two, I don't think that is enough to place him ahead of them. It's not just about  how many times a player has been active. Many legendary players didn't have over 70 caps (probably most of them) and still are considered some of the greatest ever.


Anyway, in terms of who has a better resumé, the order would be 1) Djalma Santos (4 WCs disputed, 2 won), 2) Cafu and 3) Carlos Alberto Torres. But of course, Torres caused a huge impact on the game and really revolutionized the RWB position, so in terms of importance (and sheer technique), he'd be very probably number 1. In terms of sheer defensive functions, Djalma Santos would be again #1.


So, the overall impression I get is this:


Greatest Brazilian Right Backs

1) Djalma Santos/Carlos Alberto Torres

2) Cafu

3) Leandro/Nelinho


Those are the Top 5 greatest Brazilian names on the postition, with the first 3 names being the greatest of all time worldwide as well.



snakehips 5 pts

Just to clarify 'Ronaldo' as the striker in the team refers to Brazil Ronaldo

(three times world player of the year + highest ever total scorer in World Cup)

- not current Madrid/Portugal Ronaldo (who is referred to as C Ronaldo).

Despite verastility, could not find a place for Neeskens + many other top players.


Just for interest, current top world team.


                                    C Ronaldo   Messi   


                        Xavi      Alonso     Mascherano   Iniesta

                       (Bale)    (Mata)      (Busquets)    (Tevez)

                        Cole       Vidic         Pique      Ramos

                        (Alba)          (Y Toure)            (Alves)


                                        (Hart + Krul)


Rest of squad in brackets - some liberty with centrebacks as Ramos is proven there + right-back.

No traditional right winger - because Alves (Barc) could easily play there.


Anyway, minor diversion - back to the world's best EVER!

The platform/soapbox is all yours/your turn now................




snakehips 5 pts

Yes - Muller.incredible player.similar type to Romario - absolute 10/10 finishers.Just thought that Ronaldo (Brazil) was like a force of nature in his time.Like Usain Bolt now - or Jona Lomu (to use rugby(!) at his peak.Fast, massively powerful + never missed. Don't know a great deal about Larsson - presumerably not Sunderland! LOL (laughs).Seem to remember Larsson being brought in at a late stage by Ferguson (Man Utd) + winning the title.If it's the same one (popular surname)

-  he was obviously some player with a massive impact. Van Basten was great - I think everyone remember THAT goal.Retired early + never won world cup - but I guess you could say that of Best.Ronaldo above (Brazil) also seemed to lose all incentive after injuries when about 28. 

There's just so many good players. 


If playing now - like a visiting 'Harlem Globe Trotters' against all-comers,think I would have used the 2011-12 Man City formation.4-4-2: with two defensive midfield players - Dida + Mattheus.So would have had the easy (!) task of dropping one of Best,Pele,Maradona,Zidane or Ronaldo from 1st draft team.LOL. It's an endless enjoyable debate - loads of names sprang to mind after listing the team.Seeing old clips of Eusebio destroying top quality defences makes you think if he had been Brazilian, he would be everyone's 1st choice. Still think Messi + C Ronaldo have a lot to do on national stage.Maradona won with Argentina on his own.The ten other players in his side could have been picked from the crowd before the match! Messi has Tevez Aguero Collocini (Newc) Maxi Rodriguez (ex-Liv) + others of quality.Guess it's a case of getting them to play well together.On paper, on a par with Spain maybe).


Anyway,here's my final draft team:.


Final Draft Team:


                                               Ronaldo            Pele


                        Best                                                                Maradona

                                               Didi                   Mattheus        


                        Facchetti        Beckenbauer    Baresi             Cafu





G:    Buffon Casillas

FB:  Maldini Thuram

CD: Hansen Cannavaro

CM: Keane Zidane

WM:Guerrincha Cruyff

F:    Romario Eusebio


Standby: Khan Brehme Sammer Stiles Di Stefano Puskas Messi.


This team allows a more defensive start to games than the 1st draft.

Two primarily defensive central midfielders - allowing the four flair players to flourish.

Basically Man City's tactics last season (2011-12).

Mattheus was a brilliant World Cup winning captain who defended + attacked.

Like the old 'Bryan Robson' style - both ends of the pitch.

Carrying on the Man City/modern day theme, he would be Yaya Toure to Didi (Barry).


In any second half, the attacking options available - Zidane,Cruyff + co (above)

- would surely win any game.Anyway,finally happy with this team (final draft).


Congrats to providers of this fantastic list + the detail/time which has been spent compiling it.

So grateful that it shows high intelligence + has inspired some great debate/comments.

Stated at first that there was a predictable concentration on forward + midfield players.

But on Saturday,to quote again (!) Gary Neville (a defender) said that's were the best players play!


Many thanks again for the opportunity to contribute to this!

Look forward to comments/further discussion.:)










Akiak 5 pts

Very good list. Only complaints are the lack of Bergkamp, one of the most skillful players in EPL history, and Willem van Hanegem, considered by many the second best dutch player in history, better than the 3 milanistas. List could also use a couple more from Ex Yugoslavia, namely Dragan Dzajic and Milos Milutinovic.


Those who could easily be dropped are Johnny Rep, Redondo, David Villa and Eto'o.

JGG 5 pts


1) GK: Lev Yashin (Gordon Banks)

2) RWB: Carlos Alberto Torres (Djalma Santos)

3) CB: Franz Beckenbauer (Figueroa)

4) CB: Bobby Moore (Baresi)

6) LWB: Nílton Santos (Roberto Carlos)



5) DM: Lothar Matthäus (Rijkaard)

8) CM: Johan Cruijff (Zinedine Zidane)

11) AM: Diego Maradona (Platini)



7) Di Stéfano (Garrincha)

10) Pelé (Puskas) 

9) ST: Ronaldo (Van Basten / Romário)

francis 5 pts

 JGG Very good and similar to my choices although I would have Muller at No9

JGG 5 pts

 francis I respect your opinion, but wouldn't rank Muller ahead of Ronaldo at all. Not only has Ronaldo surpassed Muller as the all time WC scorer, but he was also a lot more complete as a football player and as a typical number 9 striker than Muller. Let's not forget the man was elected FIFA player of the year for 3 years. 


I'd still place Puskas, Van Basten and maybe even Romário higher than Gerd Muller.


Oh, and Zico and Didi would also make it on the bench. Forgot to include them on my squad.

francis 5 pts

 JGG Well of course it's your team but I don't think there has ever been a better  finisher than Muller, his goals stats speak for themselves.  Some of the other guys you mention were better all round players, but in such a great team you would only need someone to finish and no one was ever better in the penalty box then "Der Bomber"

Still a great team though, congrats.


Thought I should mention that Van Basten is my own personal favourite, after Henrik Larsson of course ;o)

snakehips 5 pts

Generally well thought out/justified list.

Inevitably concentration on the forwards + midfielders - percentage wise (the glory players).                How many defenders saved/won games?


Apparently Pele himself said Best was the best ever.

Nobby Stiles - World Cup + Euro Cup.

Could mark any player out of a game.


Brehme - German left back - immense + a habit of winning games with a single goal.

Di Stefano + Neeskens brilliant but too high (not World Cup Winners).


My team (with rest of traditional 23 man squad after:


                                  Ronaldo   Pele 

         Best                                                     Maradona

                                  Didi        Zidane


         Facchetti          Baresi    Beckenbauer   Cafu




G -   Buffon Khan

FB - Brehme Thuram

CB - Hansen Cannavaro

CM - Stiles Mattheus

WM- Guerrincha Cruyff

ST -  DiStefano Romario


Standby - Keane Banks Moore Eusebio Messi.


Uncomfortable leaving out -

Puskas,Carlos Alberto,Philol,Desailly,Henry,Rychard,Maldini,Carlos,Pasarella,Xavi,Iniesta,

Krol,Keane,Sammer,Davids,Casillas,Neeskens + no doubt others.


But the team has balance,flair + is attacking-minded with enough defensive options in the squad

+ plenty of room for a brilliant squad rotational system.


Anyway, pleased to make a contribution! Hope this adds to the debate!:)

francis 5 pts

 snakehips  I don't believe Pele said that about Best or if he did it was one of those leading questions the British press are so good at asking.

Like when they asked Klinsmann how he felt about getting the opportunity to play in England and he replied with "it's always been my dream", funnily enough the same answer he gave when he signed for Inter.

adamrhbrown 5 pts

 francis  snakehips Actually I believe Pele did say that once, but he does say a lot of things. However, you might be interested to know that Maradona once said it too.

francis 5 pts

 adamrhbrown  snakehips Mmmmmnnnnnn another guy talks crap. Besides I think Best is a wonderful player, just the most overated ever especially in the UK.

UsamaShakir 5 pts

where are paul scholes and ryan giggs you gotta be kiding me ..eric cantona ? bergkamp ? 

elelelelel 5 pts

my team would be:


                                                                              Lev Yashin




Carlos Alberto             Franz Beckenbauer                Franco Baresi                 Roberto Carlos






Jimmy Johnstone                                               Pele                                                           Maradona                



                                                          Zidane                      Messi



Subs: Cassilas, George Best, ronaldo, kenny dalglish, di stefano

Durbbb 5 pts

This list is garbage. The most talented player ever Ronaldinho at 39 is madness!!, C Ronaldo not even on the list yet eto'o is?! And No Clarence Seedorf?? One of the Champions leagues greatest ever players.

aDutchmenAlwaysKnowsBest 5 pts

Where is Purrel Frankel on this list???? He is a freaking legend in De Graafschap. I can not take this list too serious. Purrel Frankel belongs here.

djuasse 5 pts


The real site with the legends of the football with their biographies

biatch0r 5 pts

R9 at 18 and listing his ability at 92? He should easily be in the top 5 and have an ability of 100 considering what he's achieved with the major injuries he's managed to come back from.

Conversation from Facebook

Football Pantheon
Football Pantheon

It's in the reasons there Alan, in the short argument with each player.

Alan Mahmood
Alan Mahmood

why u choose maradona better than pele?

Cláudio Alegria
Cláudio Alegria

i was about to ask you what had happened to the part 2 of this series, looks like i've got good stuff to read to distract me from work today =)

Football Pantheon
Football Pantheon

He should be in one of the many that missed out actually. Can't argue against lifting Celtic to a Uefa Cup final and then contrbution to 2006 CL.

Michael Dore
Michael Dore

What about Henrik Larsson, believe he should have got a mention at least.

Football Pantheon
Football Pantheon

Oh yeah, haha! It's been a long week finalising the list!

Michael Dore
Michael Dore

well that went right over your heads!

Football Pantheon
Football Pantheon

Dalglish also didn't really make it for his Celtic career

Football Pantheon
Football Pantheon

Ultimately, Rangers players didn't quite have the European pedigree. Baxter very unlucky to miss out though

Michael Dore
Michael Dore

Jinky & Kenny make the list, no Gers again, lack of Scottish referees in Europe deprived Rangers players of playing at the highest level.

Emmet Gates
Emmet Gates

hes won more than maradona too, but he isnt half as good. by the way the lack of batistuta on your list was shocking. pound for pound has been the best striker of the last 20 years.

Football Pantheon
Football Pantheon

Have to agree to disagree on Messi I'm afraid. His ability is unreal. And his application is even better. Sure he's already achieved more - in terms of major trophies - than both Baresi and Ronaldo did!

Emmet Gates
Emmet Gates

messi is too soon, baresi should have been top ten, the man is the best defender in the history of football. messi wasnt as talented as ronaldo or baggio. he gets so much protection from referees nowadays compared to the 80s and 90s. plus he hasnt done much with argentina. olympic gold aside.

Football Pantheon
Football Pantheon

Personally, I agree on Messi. Think he'll be up there.

Football Pantheon
Football Pantheon

Much appreciated guys!

Ciarán Coyle
Ciarán Coyle

Great list, so glad Stevie Me wasn't in it. What you wrote about his positional play is spot on, he plays football like a giddy 13 year old i.e. just follows the ball around the pitch, not the play.

Timothy Bane Mwinyella
Timothy Bane Mwinyella

Huh! Somehow in the very order I wrote. What are the odds that Messi will top the list by the time he retires? B.t.w GREAT JOB with these lists.

Football Pantheon
Football Pantheon

You'll have to click, haha!

Timothy Bane Mwinyella
Timothy Bane Mwinyella

lemme ask before i click on it? Maradona, Pele or Cruyyf?