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The 50 greatest managers of all time

Alex Ferguson looked on, realising a big lesson was needed here. He had been sitting in the Carrington canteen, chatting away to an old friend but keeping a vigilant eye on the Manchester United youngsters lining up for lunch.

As underage forward Robbie Brady opened his mouth to order, he was suddenly cut off by someone cutting in. Cristiano Ronaldo, just in the door and having just received the 2008 Ballon D’Or, presumed the place in the queue to go with his new prize.

He presumed correctly. Brady stood off.

As the hungry lad walked off, tray in his hands a few moments later than he expected, Ferguson called the young Irishman over.

“Why did you let him in there?”
“Well, you know… it’s Ronaldo boss.”

“You’re here to try take his place son. Don’t let me see you do that again.”

It’s only a little vignette but still one that tells a whole lot about why Ferguson has won what he’s won.

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